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Tears like Rain

I wouldn’t complain if love gives you
And you’ll pull me away from that bitch name karma
And the dark spots that linger over me
would be replaced with the sun’s rays
Shining light on our destiny
Dreams chased with us being side by side
And us holding hands Somewhere over the rain bow

And We

will become each other's pot of gold
And tomorrow will seem like a couple of lifetimes away
when really
It’s only a few seconds
Maybe That will be how you make time stand still
and not at all would I complain
if I got lost in your name
And you
to how I get Pleasure from star gazing into your eyes
How your smile makes me week in the knees
And how your kiss is so mind numbing
And you able to birth butterflies from the cocoons in my stomach
And I’m
replaying what you wrote and I read over and over in my head
Lips moving in sync with your words

“I'd pause & examine the star's flaws to think of how to move the sun itself
if said sunset's crest rest between us “

so just know
I wouldn’t have a problem showing you how the Moon gets full
So I wouldn’t complain
if I was a shareholder to your burdens
50% I would be willing to carry just to lighten your load
Because folding on us is not an option
We are playing until the last hand is dealt or we go bankrupted
Which Ever either won’t be enough to part us cause even in death
We’ll lay side by side peacefully
But as of right now we’re both working with a full house
And you flushing me royal
and I
not having a problem with you being my King
So if you want to reign together
I wouldn’t complain

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