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I ponder what happened to chivalry and romance. Don't get me wrong, I know it's out there. I've seen it and experienced it - what women look for (or at least any women with sense would look for). But I often wonder why it's so hard to find.
I used to believe, when I was much younger and naive, that if you give it, you will receive it...then as I got a little older and more experienced, I began to see that if it's not in their core - their DNA, it won't be there later and it can't be taught, not even by example.
There's also a more unpopular school of thought that your "flavor" of romance and chivalry aren't everyone's flavor. That requires being introspective and self aware. Trust me on this one...being self aware is a skill and requires practice, but I digress. What I'm trying to say here is it's possible to overlook attempts at romance. If you're looking for a red bird in the trees, you might miss all of the other beautiful birds because you were focused on red. Get my drift?
I read something recently where someone asked what romantic thing they did for their Valentine and a very proud young man answered, "I took a nude picture of myself and sent it to my jumpoff". SMH...One lady received flowers every day at work the week of Valentines and she shared with me that the person that sent them, her fiance, expected lude acts in return every night (not the regularly loving we all like...I mean lude).
Have we lost sight of what romance is? Have we lost our way in courtship before and during relationships? Have we lost ourselves? So, I pose the question out there...where in the hell is romance and chivalry?

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