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My Bic Been Cheatin On Me

My bic been cheating on me he say I don't give him paper anymore, that he don't sense my cravings I haven't fully touched him in a while, tired of me picking him up then putting him his head twisted off., lost & can't be found, lonely & deprived is the emotions he feels right now...I’m in-denial that he's in the house with a hand with no poetic style, got me acting like a child..., mumbling.. My "bic" been cheating on me!???? Never!!! We had too many good times together, I remember the first time we hooked up I looked up & it was love at first sight, I walked him out the store that night, first checked him out then left on my bike! We started the unthinkable on the brink of something new, it was you who was there when I didn't have a clue, no ideas or direction no delivery or expression, you knew just what to let me open you up grab u firmly, work my hands down your outta layer until I reached my comfort zone, I began quickly stroking you on white sheets until my palms experienced light heat, when you released the aftermath was pleasant, when it registered it felt like the texture of feathers to my soul ..and reading you to believe in you had me addicted on the daily needing your needs been abandoned so I believe it’s true! My "bic" been cheating on me! Say anything you want to convince him it won’t work, I need action mixed with being sincere, I need drive mixed with a plan to steer, I fear he found a connection with another sista, got me under-covers dreaming bad things, what if he's is being abused lifted & thrown across a room? What if he's being twisted bent out of shape & can't consume? What if he’s in the hands of a nut-case that don't know his potential? What if he's drained & refrained from resting & he can’t get to this mental? I feel the feeling of being arrested neglected while lost & disconnected but I know why... My "bic" been cheating on me! Never will I sit here & not fight with all my might, I vowed to hold him to end of my life, I’m focus mentally open I have repaired that light, my vision on target & the block is gone, come back home & leave that impostor alone, I can make you dis-charge the best, take you to my pad to create your poetic sounds, transferring my thoughts to your body having you spill what I feel is real, we so compatible with an admirable bond, so from this day on I will get on the same page with you, let my body & soul engage with you, I forgive you for the phase you went through, you have needs and my mind was in a cage from you, I promise to take it to the next stage with you, long nights & long days with you, I will cater to your enjoyment & purpose if you stop searching,you know I love my 'bic" like a man loves his "bitch" excuse my French, but I was hurting when I found out... My "bic" been cheating on me! I miss my pen! :)



Not far from the edge drunken without drink 
The moisture of a storm, a passionate hot breeze 
Sons of the desert take me to the brink 
Above the canyons of tomorrow where I see 
The future freeze.
Like a bird on the wing in the wind stream 
Freedom-flying from this momentary glance 
I feel the pull of the moon like a sweet dream 
When first awakened from a temporary trance. 
Then by the winged feet of daybreak’s deathless dawn 
I heard the singer cry life’s never-ending song:
“Youth that’s spent in hast soon tires of the race 
and the more you turn your back the more 
you’re face-to-face.” 


Just A Verse Is All You Get

Night's spent... Dark skies until the sunrise.... 
heightened senses with impaired vision but the view, breathtaking... 
Prepare to bare witness... sights seen like dreams but eyes open, frozen in time.... 
My guiding light golden, shine... Behold the wonders of the world through words spoken... 
Chosen are those who have chosen but chose wisely.... Finding solace in confined spaces.... 
Once consumed with the scent of roses, now nothing left but traces.... of broken flower vases...
basic blameless basis came from a paint brush stroke... An art piece... An Artist... farfetched regardless... My departure is far spent, Daylight turned from darkness.

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