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Skeptic Heaven {collab feat. Juan Johnson}

I have been in this war far too long....I have waited to come home so long.....I haven't opened the letter that I got from my sweetie, cause I'm afraid its a "dear john".  I love to hear her voice and to see her eyes in the machine we call the computer.....I open the letter and it reads....:

"In your tears you make me soft, you gently blow to dry me, your anger stirs my soul, your warm sun walks through my fields where I let you lay, waiting for me to cover you....but I can't wait, I long for you, yet can't have you. Searched for you., but can't see you. You ignite my thoughts, then leave me suspended. The envisage is more than physical, a vision unable to be touched. A moment conceptualized in the mind of the leery, anticipated by the deprived. "

I cry....I don't know what to say but I do know what to write. So I sit down to pen my thoughts to my anxious awaiting at home:

I can't wait until I fulfill every thought you have been having, every touch you wanted,  and to satisfy your mind so that you will know that I too, am attracted to you for more than that of the physical. My life rests in you, you are what I live for and the distance between us can never be the void that it looks to be.  Not even death will keep me from coming home to you. Your waiting arms....your warm heart....your soft lips....your loving legs.....your caressing eyes....your gentle touch... If I ignite your thoughts, you set my soul a blaze! I dare to touch such a wonderful creature of GOD without care and caution.  GOD has blessed me with more than an angel....He has given me you...My own personal heaven...
I pace the floor, walking back and forth in my confusement. Anxiously awaiting. Knowing. It will have his scent, posses his touch. Has been licked with the softness of..., him. It will arrive with his word vacating the envelope taking refuge in my heart. Alas the carrier drops his decadence into my waiting hands.., my heart skips. I slowly raise the letter to get a whiff of what I have been anticipating for so long. Slowly running my finger across the seal of love that has been given to me. 

Gently I open it's edge and remove any sureties or absoluteness. I glare at the words glaring at me. "satisfy your mind so that you will know that I too". Damn can he be feeling my every thought? "Am attracted to you for more than that of the physical" but I've heard that line before. "If I ignite your thoughts, you set my soul a blaze", I know I can't be the only one but he makes me feels as if there is none. What is this man doing to me.. I know more of what I want.., I can't have. He was given to me, and I to him but what kind of heaven can we have.? When we're heavens apart.


  1. This has a sad ending ((tears))

  2. Really? I thought it was the perfect ending... Nice sweet subtle conscience Ending...


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