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I was sipping my coffee when I saw him....tall, broad, bald, and dressed as if he respected himself and others.  He walked in with a strength and commitment to his place in the universe. 
Many men are lost; not in the way you may think - and as painful as this may be to some women, we are the bread crumbs men have followed into the dark caves some of them live their lives.
We have contributed to our men losing their way to their inner peace and love destiny.
Told by their inner circles to do better with no coaxing or stroking, just the demands to "do more", society has led them to believe they are nothing without an expensive car, fancy clothes, or cash in their pocket.
Told by women they're nothing to them - through their actions not their words, we all have lost.
The very females that complain they're doing things alone, don't get enough attention, aren't satisfied at home, and have no money to spend are the very same vixens that failed their men - failed to lift them up. They've given nothing to fill his cup, and never tell him he's what's up.
The strength of a woman is more than her smile, her style, her losing or winning.  It is measured by her ability to embrace her man, her king, her knight shining. It's how a woman is in the moment, is present, and how she looks in his eyes and finds his style, his strength, his weakness, her place in his heart, where he begins and where he ends.
Know the very moment that brings his soul to you.  Know how you've built what you have together and keep it alive.  Know how to keep his attention...keep him thinking forever.
Thank Him for allowing you another day with him.
Show your appreciation for him, about him, with him

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