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Don't Let Facebook® Get Your Dick Hard

I love it when a plan comes together
You're so predictable
So not on my level
think it's a joke
Cause you send me a poke
Smile and Tag me a few times
Seemingly walking a line
Pretending to be a
Gent when the truth is
You're going for the groans
Grown men and women
Know it is what it is
So make no mistakes
I am not shaken by your nonsense
You ask me to let down my wall
When your monkey ass couldn't even climb the fence
Did you think you could shoot from your hip
Try to be slick
Tell me if my head is good you'll be good to me
Put oil on your tongue
Use words like "fellatio / cunnilingus"
When you and I are not...will not...ever be us?
Trust it was about conversation
Verbal stimulation
The ability to see just how far you could woo me
However you fail to realize
Simply because you were so in a rush to part my thighs
That I am not her and she is not me
So I am as I were when you began to
Smile at me
send me a pass
Tagging my page hoping to tap my ass
On this cloud smiling at my sweetie
Kicking your monkey ass in the forehead with this poem
A lady with class
Detroit stupid on your ass
Yet a woman before anything
That's the reality of
Uncompromisable Beauty...


  1. *snaps*
    Thanks for reiterating what I said last night to someone. FB is an "alternate universe" not a parallel one. We can do a lot on FB, almost co-existing together, but we cannot fuck on FB, a severe limitation. What we think is and was, is simply a mirage, eaten up by bits and bytes on the world wide web. In a matter of hours or days, what was said and heard is gone, replaced by new pokes, posts and jabs. It's all a fantasy folks, keep it moving and keep it in perspective.

  2. Agreed Angie. Facebook is a world of make believe where anyone can be anything. The power of suggestion is at an all time high. And when you log off it's back to reality!!! Real recognizes REAL


Thanks! :)

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