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The Forgotten One

I wish I could be with you
To hold you close in my arms
And touch your hair in the breeze
Your an angel from the heavens

Your wings just out of my reach

Yearning the chance to be with you
So lonely out here without you
Waiting to walk hand and hand with you

Is this dream to much to ask for

The thought of walking on a beach
With you only on my mind
Making love to each other forever

I wish I could tell you everything

Everything that's happened
And everything I've seen
My world to you so open

A New Year's Wish

A New Year's Wish 
Sent to you 

May you flourish 
In all you do 

May you have friendship, 
Love that's kind 

More happiness, 
Than most would find

May you have courage, 
Strength and peace 

Your purpose in life, 
May it never cease. 

May you have wisdom, 
To keep strong. 

Forgiveness from others, 
When you do wrong. 

May God guide you,
In all you do

My Words (just listen)

My words
starts when emotions begin to flow
and as I begin to speak
my heart will soon let me know.
My words
are consumed when you start to explore
and as I search my inner thoughts
my voice begins to soar.

My words
come from the heart
so please listen to what I say
as I close my eyes
I let them guide the way.
My words
can be silent and oh so still
as long as you understand
the point I'm trying to reveal.

My words
are written in many forms
and also is spoken from the heart
just listen to my words
because they are a work of art.


Skeptic Heaven {collab feat. Juan Johnson}

I have been in this war far too long....I have waited to come home so long.....I haven't opened the letter that I got from my sweetie, cause I'm afraid its a "dear john".  I love to hear her voice and to see her eyes in the machine we call the computer.....I open the letter and it reads....:

"In your tears you make me soft, you gently blow to dry me, your anger stirs my soul, your warm sun walks through my fields where I let you lay, waiting for me to cover you....but I can't wait, I long for you, yet can't have you. Searched for you., but can't see you. You ignite my thoughts, then leave me suspended. The envisage is more than physical, a vision unable to be touched. A moment conceptualized in the mind of the leery, anticipated by the deprived. "

I cry....I don't know what to say but I do know what to write. So I sit down to pen my thoughts to my anxious awaiting at home:

I can't wait until I fulfill every thought you have been having, every touch you wanted,  and to satisfy your mind so that you will know that I too, am attracted to you for more than that of the physical. My life rests in you, you are what I live for and the distance between us can never be the void that it looks to be.  Not even death will keep me from coming home to you. Your waiting arms....your warm heart....your soft lips....your loving legs.....your caressing eyes....your gentle touch... If I ignite your thoughts, you set my soul a blaze! I dare to touch such a wonderful creature of GOD without care and caution.  GOD has blessed me with more than an angel....He has given me you...My own personal heaven...
I pace the floor, walking back and forth in my confusement. Anxiously awaiting. Knowing. It will have his scent, posses his touch. Has been licked with the softness of..., him. It will arrive with his word vacating the envelope taking refuge in my heart. Alas the carrier drops his decadence into my waiting hands.., my heart skips. I slowly raise the letter to get a whiff of what I have been anticipating for so long. Slowly running my finger across the seal of love that has been given to me. 

Gently I open it's edge and remove any sureties or absoluteness. I glare at the words glaring at me. "satisfy your mind so that you will know that I too". Damn can he be feeling my every thought? "Am attracted to you for more than that of the physical" but I've heard that line before. "If I ignite your thoughts, you set my soul a blaze", I know I can't be the only one but he makes me feels as if there is none. What is this man doing to me.. I know more of what I want.., I can't have. He was given to me, and I to him but what kind of heaven can we have.? When we're heavens apart.


Sometimes I cry with no tears in my eyes
the darkest of days
clouds full of rain
locked in my soul
unreleased rage...
Sometimes I cry with no tears in my eyes
lonesome spirit


Don't Let Facebook® Get Your Dick Hard

I love it when a plan comes together
You're so predictable
So not on my level
think it's a joke
Cause you send me a poke
Smile and Tag me a few times
Seemingly walking a line
Pretending to be a
Gent when the truth is
You're going for the groans
Grown men and women
Know it is what it is
So make no mistakes
I am not shaken by your nonsense
You ask me to let down my wall
When your monkey ass couldn't even climb the fence
Did you think you could shoot from your hip
Try to be slick
Tell me if my head is good you'll be good to me
Put oil on your tongue
Use words like "fellatio / cunnilingus"
When you and I are not...will not...ever be us?
Trust it was about conversation
Verbal stimulation
The ability to see just how far you could woo me
However you fail to realize
Simply because you were so in a rush to part my thighs
That I am not her and she is not me
So I am as I were when you began to
Smile at me
send me a pass
Tagging my page hoping to tap my ass
On this cloud smiling at my sweetie
Kicking your monkey ass in the forehead with this poem
A lady with class
Detroit stupid on your ass
Yet a woman before anything
That's the reality of
Uncompromisable Beauty...

I Wonder When

When does she drop a tear for you
Your broken heart leaving you blue
who stands at your side to wipe your tears
hold you at night to sustain your fears
when does she realize the pain she's caused
the daily prayers of life in pause
fast forward or rewind it stays the same
while day in day out you take the blame
when do you get your happily ever after
no more lies just another chapter
who portrays a relationship behind closed doors
all the while wishing for more
when does she stop taking you for granted
Everyone knows her thought process is slanted
Time to stop the madness you hide deep inside
Take a step forward and let it ride
When will it be your time to shine
I say Now, so let it go and start the climb
Your heart is pure, a God send to many
time to realize your worth, time to have plenty


Christmas 2010

Right around the corner it sneaks up,
Christmas time;
People shopping for presents galore,
The perfect give for those they adore,
Through the store not many smiles,
Did someone take the gift they desire,

Is it the gifts we treasure so dear,
The hustle and bustle this time of year,
The idea of happiness that should fill the air,
And the coming of a New Year,

Well no,

It's the shed of a smile to those we hold dear,
The excitement in the eye of the children,
The coming together as family and friend,
For the smile of a stranger,
Just caused by saying hi,
The giving and caring,
The loving the sharing,
For the one born just for US!!!!!!

Wanted.., Apply Within

What do I want,
But a tender touch,
Sitting beside a fire,
Hearing just our hearts,
The warmth of our bodies,
Making us one,

The commitment,
The communication,
The trust,
The love,
All within us at this moment.

Wishes Dreams Reality

Wishes are hopes,
We wish for our families,
And for our friends,
For money,
There is no end,

Dreams are just pictures,
Of all we desire,
The visions,
That could be good or bad,
Wrapped in our souls,

Reality is what we live,
Through the days and years,
That combined,
Our wishes and dreams,
For happiness for all to see,
So give a smile,
Each and every day,
For in reality,
You touch another's soul.

Def Poetry: Phylicia Rashad- 'On Status'

Def Poetry: Floetry- "Fantasize"


Over -->B4 it began

How do I say goodbye to you
When we never really said hello?
Is it any easier to walk away from the seeds of a friendship
Never given time to root and grow?
(Grow into what – a bigger friendship? I don’t know.)

And how is it possible to miss someone
I hardly ever see?
How can I know if you were my hero,
When you rode into the sunset
Long before the credits rolled.
How can there be a formal end to something
Which had no real beginning?

I can only thank you for the rainbows you brought to my storms;
For the silver lining you stitched in my clouds.
It was refreshing to find,
In this Sea of Skepticism,
Another fish peering at the world through a prism.
So, thank you for the laughs we had
And those that might have been.
I really cannot say goodbye.
Please, always be my friend.



Grey sky, thundering waves
Wash away all my tears
Give me back the power to trust
Alleviate all of my fears.

I loved a man with a passion deep;
Yes, deeper than the sea,
Oh! talk to me with your breakers loud
How could he do this to me?

To every ill that stalks this Earth
A cure in nature is found
So speak to me with your watery voice
Why did MY love run aground?



It’s been so long! Forever! Since I’ve felt...YOU!
Truly! Known...YOU!Looked! Upon...YOU! SMILED! Seen!
The true, reflection! Of...YOU! Within, my eyes!Reflecting...HIM!
Circled! Encompassed! Your, body! With, mine!Felt! The sweat!
Upon, your skin! Kissed! Your, loving lips!Felt! The eternal! Essence! Of...YOU!
WITHIN! It’s...ME! Always! Remembering...YOU!An eternal! IMAGE! All up in my, head!
Captured! Deep, within!Under! Lock and key!Because! It’s, been so long!
Since I’ve...Held, your hand! With, mine!Seen! The smile, upon your face! Looking, back at me!Held...YOU!
Within, my mind! Searching...YOU! Through-out!Touched! Your, tender...face! Kissed! Your, body...WILD!Wrapped!
My loving arms, around...YOU! Embracing, every...inch!Far too long! Since, I’ve...Held your body! Entwined! With mine!Felt! Your, delicate...legs! Wrapped, in mine! Feeling, every...TWIST!Held! Your love, with mine! SMILED!
From, deep, within! Embraced!The sweet! Taste! Of...HE! The flavour! Of...HIM! Enticing! ME!It’s! Never, ending! With...HIM! HE’S! Always! On my mind!Always! Can’t control! Always! Taking, hold! Of...ME!Always! Apart! Of...ME!Knowing! I will, always! Want...YOU! HIM! Forever!Always! Captured! By...HIM! HE’S! A natural thing! Exciting...ME! Nature! Doing, it’s...THING!It’s...YOU! HE! Breathing! Life! Around...ME!

It's Written...Collab with Juan Johnson

She says to him..."I can't be on a whim like you and that makes me feel bad
and you understand it's not about sex"

He says..."I know that...
it's about beauty...
and touch..."

She says..."that's the best part"


These Things I Need

these things I need are not hard to give
just a necessity these things I need to live

I will be everything I possibly can
in return all I ask is that you be a man

be a comfort in my hour of need
be the band aid when I bleed

absorb my tears as they fall
lend me your strength be my brick wall

My Yin to Your Yang


Tears like Rain

I wouldn’t complain if love gives you
And you’ll pull me away from that bitch name karma
And the dark spots that linger over me
would be replaced with the sun’s rays
Shining light on our destiny
Dreams chased with us being side by side
And us holding hands Somewhere over the rain bow

And We

will become each other's pot of gold
And tomorrow will seem like a couple of lifetimes away
when really
It’s only a few seconds

Intellectual Intercourse

I've invited you
to whisper
sweet nothings, everything
and whatever
is in between
your thoughts
about me
to me....

Your lips
close to
my ear
my lips
to be
near yours
but I want
to hear
of this
explicit desire
to be closer
not just
to my body
my heart
as well....

Looking For

I ponder what happened to chivalry and romance. Don't get me wrong, I know it's out there. I've seen it and experienced it - what women look for (or at least any women with sense would look for). But I often wonder why it's so hard to find.
I used to believe, when I was much younger and naive, that if you give it, you will receive it...then as I got a little older and more experienced, I began to see that if it's not in their core - their DNA, it won't be there later and it can't be taught, not even by example.
There's also a more unpopular school of thought that your "flavor" of romance and chivalry aren't everyone's flavor. That requires being introspective and self aware. Trust me on this one...being self aware is a skill and requires practice, but I digress. What I'm trying to say here is it's possible to overlook attempts at romance. If you're looking for a red bird in the trees, you might miss all of the other beautiful birds because you were focused on red. Get my drift?
I read something recently where someone asked what romantic thing they did for their Valentine and a very proud young man answered, "I took a nude picture of myself and sent it to my jumpoff". SMH...One lady received flowers every day at work the week of Valentines and she shared with me that the person that sent them, her fiance, expected lude acts in return every night (not the regularly loving we all like...I mean lude).
Have we lost sight of what romance is? Have we lost our way in courtship before and during relationships? Have we lost ourselves? So, I pose the question out there...where in the hell is romance and chivalry?
I was sipping my coffee when I saw him....tall, broad, bald, and dressed as if he respected himself and others.  He walked in with a strength and commitment to his place in the universe. 
Many men are lost; not in the way you may think - and as painful as this may be to some women, we are the bread crumbs men have followed into the dark caves some of them live their lives.
We have contributed to our men losing their way to their inner peace and love destiny.
Told by their inner circles to do better with no coaxing or stroking, just the demands to "do more", society has led them to believe they are nothing without an expensive car, fancy clothes, or cash in their pocket.
Told by women they're nothing to them - through their actions not their words, we all have lost.
The very females that complain they're doing things alone, don't get enough attention, aren't satisfied at home, and have no money to spend are the very same vixens that failed their men - failed to lift them up. They've given nothing to fill his cup, and never tell him he's what's up.
The strength of a woman is more than her smile, her style, her losing or winning.  It is measured by her ability to embrace her man, her king, her knight shining. It's how a woman is in the moment, is present, and how she looks in his eyes and finds his style, his strength, his weakness, her place in his heart, where he begins and where he ends.
Know the very moment that brings his soul to you.  Know how you've built what you have together and keep it alive.  Know how to keep his attention...keep him thinking forever.
Thank Him for allowing you another day with him.
Show your appreciation for him, about him, with him



How do you find love in darkness or is 
that why they say love is blind? It's the simple things I crave but does it seem
illusive because life is so complicated or is life complicated because I live a
life of illusion? I struggle and fight to feel your passion or can I not find
where your passion lies because it's been lost in a frustrating trail of regret?
Its my lonesome tears that keeps me fighting for a love as blind as ours but how
do you hold on to hope when it has been lost in deceit created by others? Faith
in you is faith in me longing to love free, but where do we find the space to be
free when from the beginning it was faulted by those un-willing to see? The
spirit of a love so strong binded my insecurity followed by hatred understood
with compassion yet falling quickly in to a pool of devastation, where does the
trust in us begin and the outer evils ignored to find that place where fate
brought us together and a love so meant to be can become worthy of all things
great? Sincerity lost in a sea of judgment where we once held each other dear
and true, how do we begin to move on when there was no end? Closure they say can
help us heal but how do we heal when the pain was inflicted with cruel
intentions not by you or I but by hands of outsiders looking in on something
they do not understand?  How do I let go of something I believed
in that has touched my very soul leaving me confused with bewilderment that it
has happened again leaving me unsure and afraid to love again? How do I say I'm
being selfish with out being vein, when true I want what I want but only to keep
me sane? Lost in your shadow, cold, lifeless and unstable fighting to see me,
how do I tell you I'm tired with sleepless nights and hectic days with out
inflicting sorrow upon your heart?

To be free of me is to be free of you,
can you imagine the possibilities of life with out us? I am now beginning to

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