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Let Me Adore You

Listen deep into my words as if you are sliding inside of me for the very first time.

And feel me...

Feel the thumping of my heart, my blood that courses through my veins for you...  All of what you are feeling inside of me right now... is what I feel for you.

Feel my skin as it warms to a temperature of boiling, the wetness of it, the trembling of it, the twitching, the reddening of it...  all of this... is because of you.


Blowin My Mind

You call to me silently
Where whispers are echoes
Deep in the valley of my soul
I hear your voice
A choice that comes naturally
I lay awake and ache for your touch
Longing to be made love to
And make love to you
Hands that rub and caress
My breast and thighs


The Possibilities

Sweet words and subtle gestures, through phone calls and text messages,
occupied thoughts on late nights make  mind restless,
chance encounters, fresh conversations, and first impressions,
made on first dates a natural progression,
more talk a lot of laughter and sharing some life lessons,
that your sharing to get some insight into their perspective,
trying not to seem to interested,
but never for a second let'em feel neglected,
still cant cross the line, feelings protected,
discussed the situation of sex'n, regardless if you agreed with the perception, you decide to respect it, 

even without the sex shit, they're somebody you mesh with, and you see a possible connection,
Out comes the affection, attempting to be the mate of perfection, making a damn good selection

this is far from a waste of the time they're investing, your loyalty's no question, hearts move
In a more deep direction, tossing out the fears, doubts and the second guessing, 
less as a relationship and more as a blessing,


I'm trapped in freedom,
reluctantly standing strong refusing to fall which actually makes me 
the weak one,
every now and then I hear whispers of a heroine planning to release him
but I never seen none,
I’m married to the seclusion no incarnation of intrusion can come
two steps away from leaning in with the demons, I’m starting to listen and 
that releasing my rage would be appeasing, I should embrace this fierce feeling of fiending,
with no fear of loosing out or forgetting about the future for which I been dreaming,
my hopes have departed long before this poem started and I aint worried about them leaving,
so acting out of my good sense and being outlandish seem convenient,
almost gives me meaning,
but I have yet to leap in whole heartedly cause honestly
Its freezing,
from when I lay to rest my head till I wake up in my empty bed,
I continue on for one reason,
I need to buy more sweaters,
cause though my brain may skip through different planes and in solitude you never come out the same and everything you know seems to change
except for
the season.


A silhouette,
dancing in my thoughts and flirting with my memory,
pirouettes around my emotions provoking and tempting me with intimacy,
revealing yourself intricately, while my minds trying to make sense of the scenes you’re presenting me,
so seductive yet reluctant to completely give you me,
as I tussle with desire in belief that getting acquainted would dull the fire and preserve thinking sensibly,
surprised by my sensitivity,



Welcome to my world...
A world without boundaries,
without laws, with out flaws.
A world of beauty and splender,
with no consideration of color or gender.
The sun never sets here,
dark clouds never get here.
When it rains, you get warm and wet here.
Never cold, always the right temperature,
the right season, for all the right reasons,
one, because love is in the air..
Can you smell it?
A world without a care?
Temptations and relations are only between lovers,
released emotions while sensually
coastin` underneath the covers...
Where you can love freely,
love eternally, love entirely...
Anyone, or anything you please,
and no worries of famine or disease.
Only inside me this world lives, breathes,
in my mental was concieved,
and someday for it to be reality, believed.
So, come with me,
take a journey, see the sites,
as I take this new world order
of love to brand new heights...

Poetic Teacher

Do not choose a fresh page from a brand new journal
use paper that has been crumbled and tossed
thrown out by a spineless father only to be recycled
Save a tree for future poets to write under

Rewrite me into someone more attractive
stronger than life has made me
make me tough and sexy, aggressive like a tiger
stain the pages with cum, lube, the arousal you find
at the sight of naked boys, draw me sketches
bring the words to life with images
make me a man with this poem

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