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I Am My Pen

Thru the highlight of events, from the leadership to the domestic violence…
None of that scared her more, than her writing.
Left it all behind, still carrying the notebooks,
Pain is what she was reciting...
Living her life, the way she wanna,
not caring about the judge,
no matter how ignorant they judged...
she's always been able to look thru you,
And keep writing…


I Need

I need a fairytale, a world wind, a prince, a white night, a gladiator, a lion, a wolf in man's clothing!
I need a hero, a superman, a ray of light, someone to make me feel this life, to lift me high above the clouds, to unblind my eyes to see the sunrise.
I need a crush, a love, a lustful lust, a simple touch, a feel that's way to much, someone strong to hold in my clutch.
I need a kiss, a wet kiss, a deep juicy kiss, one that when he's gone, I would truly miss.
I need hands, hands that will touch me everywhere, hands that are large or small, I don't care!

I Need!!!

I need to be held, held tight and never let go, hands to touch my body, sometimes nice and sometimes slow.
I need to feel, to feel his body pressed against mine, for him to drown me, drown into me like a fine red wine.
I need a pulse, a heart beat a throbbing to release my soul, to warm my blood because right now it's cold!!
I need a breath to breath deep into me, bring me back to life, to open my eyes from this dark allowing me to see the light.

I Need!!!


Today's Tomorrow

Like an echoed word spoken soft, whispered silent
... Today

searching still but heard, wonder where all the time went
... Tomorrow

some say "Love Today", make your own,
not to borrow, do not let time stray .....
Today, Tomorrow

it's not how it goes, to find faith is not first sight
... Today

no ribbons or bows unless each heart is set right
... Tomorrow

time is in the weigh 

to balance love's story
sometimes blue, some in sorrow ...
make love the right way,
Today, Tomorrow

Velvet in Motion

I have never felt
velvet before ...
that breathes

expanding night's horizons
stretching me
to unknown limits
giving me strengths, abound
to share heavenly lights
suddenly touchable

allowing me to be not someone
but THE one

filling your glass
complimenting your thirst
savoring your taste ...

deeply, eternal
before the dawn finds sleep
and such stars



I Was Not Born 
The Hard Realities,
Deceiving Natures,
Broken Promises,
Double Faces,
Attractive Words,
Melting Emotions,
Lovely Feelings,
Harsh Truths,
Bitter Behaviors,
Loving Attitude,
Ignoring Acts,
Multi Standards
& False Statements.
These All Taught Me
What Experience Is


In Writing

I can make the ordinary
Sound extraordinary
in writing
I can take a simple moment, 
freeze it, embrace it
And turn it into an unforgettable experience
in writing
I can take you on a journey with my words
Hear me, 
feel me
in writing
You're the passenger 
just relax 
and enjoy what I’m sharing with you.
in writing
I can make you see things you never noticed before
Or payed much attention to.
See the world though my eyes
The eyes of an artist
in writing

When I Became a Man

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