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I Am My Pen

Thru the highlight of events, from the leadership to the domestic violence…
None of that scared her more, than her writing.
Left it all behind, still carrying the notebooks,
Pain is what she was reciting...
Living her life, the way she wanna,
not caring about the judge,
no matter how ignorant they judged...
she's always been able to look thru you,
And keep writing…

Keepin’ it real so much it touches your soul..
rated my pen is me,
My heart pumps my steady flow,
I have been cut, all my pain bleeds thru the pages,
creating it's own form of envy, inspiration, and ignorance,
and I keep growing!
Thru the judgment, the labels
I have not forsaken ME!!!
Important for me to remember,
In this country, you pay for your freedom, recognition, and dignity!!
...the trick is it's a free country...
read the small print, oppression raised me!!!
I continue to sail as free, no matter where this world takes me!
I have…my pen, myself, my God, and my confessions...
I am my pen, my pen is me is what I am saying!
I can flip any word beyond this nature and I hope you understand,
I am feeling offensive, if you judge my poetry as not writing!
I live, I write by no rules, I am the Goddess of what I do,
not the poetry, my pen, leaves a legacy...
The art of this is where I am going!
I live my life thru the pen, I see bloated visions of my future,
no one has it figured out!
But we all pretend…
So my pen releases the doubt, keepin' it out my mind,
trying to change my track!
Taking detours for my life,
but I enjoy the adventure,
I am a warrior, always up for a fight...
releasing all my pride, American, raised off it!
When I say fathered by the flesh of the devil, this is what I meant...
I could never stop flowin’, how could I ever stop writing!!!
I AM WRITING, my pen is me...
I can't stop writing,
I am not the best seller on the self,
God is still writing me!
Got me going thru everything, no pointless writing...
my pen is me, the art of the soul crying.
My pen is me...No one in this world could justify it,
I am my pen...I am my writing!!!

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