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Healed Hurt

I am hurt so I hurt and that is not fair to hurt the people who really do care I am tierd and in pain sometimes my heart feels slain
Sometimes my mind feels cluttered
Sometimes my spirit is like a tossed salad
Sometimes my body is like a two week old rose
My speech makes no sense

I hurt so I hurt and that is not fair because all guys are not the same and I know that there is one out there
One who will set my soul to another level of non stop flowing of a valcanoes lava
One who will make my heart pump from the outside man when God blesses me with this guy


Assume The Position

 Sirens blaring being blinded by a flash light
More on looking pedestrians than the black hawk crash sight
Just last night
He was laying in bed dreaming of a peaceful place
Now he's standing here, hand on this hot ass hood pulled over cause of his race


Blind Liberty

In remote areas of my mind
I travel thru time
So blind
To the innocence of my own kind
Press rewind

An the thoughts replay over and over like a repeat function
Best friend got popped in the head next to him but told the pigs he didnt see nuthing
I see sumthing


they bring it all with their signature mix
Suspended in this,
brings me internal warmth and my temperature lifts
Rejuvenating my youth with their essence alone
When there, my tension's soothed like I've stepped in my home
Different shades creates the days into nights of their weather
Liking the sunny colors,
but concluded the darker delights are just better
My desires are wetter so thunderous storms they supply are my pleasure
Even in rain, their surroundings maintain
to bring me fires in sectors
As seasons change, it seems deranged
with the ways their moods swing
Concurring with the dispersing of sunlight
and blossoming full moon beams
Circles of power surface to flower the planet with inspiration

Gemineye - "Penny for Your Thoughts"

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