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Assume The Position

 Sirens blaring being blinded by a flash light
More on looking pedestrians than the black hawk crash sight
Just last night
He was laying in bed dreaming of a peaceful place
Now he's standing here, hand on this hot ass hood pulled over cause of his race

 Realizing we live in a police state As his heart begins to pace
Being in this situation before
Saying his rights to himself as he's verbally warned to exit the car door
As they toss the vehicle, he's like what are you doing that for?
"Shut up,boy! I wont tell you any more"
Look sir he knows his rights
Say you pulled him over for damaged headlights
Then you hit him with your night stick
Aint that some shit
Standing there answering questions for vandalism that he commit
"Give the pavement a kiss"
"How does asphalt taste?
If you knew what was good for you, you would've stayed in your place"
That's when I realized it was his race
For being in the wrong neighborhood this time of morning
Thinking about grabbing his gat but then his family would be mourning
Two more squad cars pull up on the over pass
Now he's well over mad
Pushed to the edge more than a tad
Laying there as they laugh
He gets up to his feet
Just to have one of the officers strike him on the knee
2 strikes to the head, now its blood in his eye leaking onto the street
Blacked out, to wake in the ER handcuffed to the bead
Clothes ripped apart, scars on his hand and bandages wrapped his head
Should have stayed his ass at home, this I couldn't vision
Got him lookin at 3 years in prison
Cant believe he was a victim
That day plagued his mind forever, all he can hear them say is assume the position.......

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