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they bring it all with their signature mix
Suspended in this,
brings me internal warmth and my temperature lifts
Rejuvenating my youth with their essence alone
When there, my tension's soothed like I've stepped in my home
Different shades creates the days into nights of their weather
Liking the sunny colors,
but concluded the darker delights are just better
My desires are wetter so thunderous storms they supply are my pleasure
Even in rain, their surroundings maintain
to bring me fires in sectors
As seasons change, it seems deranged
with the ways their moods swing
Concurring with the dispersing of sunlight
and blossoming full moon beams
Circles of power surface to flower the planet with inspiration

As scenery flows and greenery grows in it's beautiful insemination
Penetration of the soil to plant the seeds of more life
Nurturing through photosynthesis with motherly peace, she's the guide
Feeding the minds
and in the same breath fighting diseases inside
In the internal juices of nature that it's mother breast feeds to mankind
Galaxies are seen in her eyes as stars reflect all their splendor
I sit down,
stare into her beauty as her harvest prepares what's for dinner
Feel like a king with every mouth watering bite of meals that she brings
Producing produce to fuse and hold to my tongue and seal in taste dreams
 Diverse and unique,
she's an originator, but her birth has repeats
And some are too young to understand
because they haven't learned what mom means
But with empathy shown,
every attempt that is blown in the wind of her moans,
Her glistening soul extends on it's stroll
and blows back a kiss as she goes
That replenishes most because she's the most important being in the world
From the Garden of Eve
to the fruit bearing trees that we now see in young girls
They are the mothers
The only one's there when most of us were young
The one that taught us how to walk and picked us up when we fell on our butts
For most families in most places there's a mother alike
They can't be separated because in all facets of life their love is supplied
Let every powerful shine provide a spark for their color
And globally they'll unite from the lightest to darkest of mothers

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