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It's Written...Collab with Juan Johnson

She says to him..."I can't be on a whim like you and that makes me feel bad
and you understand it's not about sex"

He says..."I know that...
it's about beauty...
and touch..."

She says..."that's the best part"

He comes again..."and about words...that will make love as we write them...speak them...and let them float into the give our ears orgasms...and wanting for more..."

 She breaks in and says..."a lust of vernacular meanings.., as the penmanship emits words of affection. The punctuations confirmation that can't be felt physically. As verbs are written nouns produce erotic fantasies.
A sheet not a sheet, on paper a collaboration can be exotic
coming together..,

the ink spills........

His hand quivers...from the satisfaction...

Their eyes settle on what was just written...he dares to speak the words again...
for this would cause more instability
but he knows that she wants to hear them...and he lets them fly...she pants and heaves and lets the words caress the air as he speaks them softly in her ear...

"The beauty of your eyes welcomes the light of day even at night
the touch of your skin is like touching the clouds that GOD drew you from"

Listening to him she feels the words lifted, even after the ink dries. the novel of love that was written, the book of songs send her spinning. She welcomes his whispers and longs for more. The touch felt oh so slightly sends her to heights never seen before. His scent radiates through her as she closes her eyes to embrace. The feeling, the closeness is welcomed and wanted. she reaches out her hand to caress the soft body before her, it is like a heavenly portrayal of what was written in the sand. The grains of infatuation carried off into the sea of what has been designed.. Has been written. Yes the collaboration of the two can be like making love while no words are ever spoken, just written.. A unseen togetherness that drives her into a still wait. Waiting to expel the scenes of the heart...


  1. Wow... everytime I read this I pull something new....."your eyes welcomes the light of day even at night".....
    That was the shit......touches sender her to heights never seen before!....Going to the shower now!

  2. The collaborating was definitely an experience. I'm sure had we continued, it would have turned into a novel of some sort.


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