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While they are teaching you, they are breaking you,
While they are making you,, they are raping you.
While instilling, they are blinding you.
While they show you everything, you miss out on what’s important to you,
They are overwhelming you.
The influence of the majority is still their most powerful tool!
While they influence, pain inspires you.
While you worship them, they feed you new liars!!!
While you become sick from their ways, they recruit new fools!
And you support the liars!
While you’re so proud of what you have, they take it from you.
While you’re not questioning, they are finding answers.
While you’re on page twenty, they've written books and added new chapters.
You know the saying, tell one lie, you gotta tell another…while you've grown so complex,
They've become even more!
To much of anything will kill you, a true rule of the heart.
I've mastered complex, I’m pure simple, go with the heart.

Simple is key to life, something like an element, they can’t breakdown the heart!
Go back to basics, start with the heart!
I have reached the element of the heart, God is love…love is pain!
So we are humbled and controlled in the same name.
No more self destruction, no more lust, no more idols, no more status.
Serve a purpose that you will live and die for,
My testimony is all I have…
No religion can tame me,
No man or judge can convict me,
No misery can keep me, no evil will consume me!
I have mastered complex, pure and simple.
I am the only one that can complete me,
I am the only one that knows my heart, our common grounds release the fact that we are all the same.
No matter how they explain it, there is this same rule: It don’t matter if you are hot or cold, you are still burning and I pity no fool!
It’s the same as the saying no good or bad deed goes without punishment, so we are damned if we do or don’t so just live!!!!!!!
I love my God, I love myself,
I love my free mind

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