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Verse of Life

So I was asked what inspires these poems

I responded life

finding words that rhyme

and then deciding to use lines

that help tell what i feel

that help tell what i feel

within my mind.

if you listen closely, you can hear your conscious but instead you'd rather hear nonsense./

maybe just for the fill

maybe just for the fill

Do you see what's real

DO you see what is real?

It echoes and like the little gecko we need insurance./

Fallen fellows from the ghetto coherent to authenticity./

I will walk through the valley without a shaft

Without fear because God persevere and you'll do the math./

Never doubt that fact that in a world full of counterfeit,

that emulating is only stimulating the lonely itch./

Funny its, grazing your inner woman, demanding emancipation./

Some women would do anything to find a man, but she search without foundation./

Brothers do anything to make some cents, but he ends up without sensation./

Until they substitute making love into a lust creation./

We must be breaking ties from our own nation./

Because I've never seen my own brothers strapped like he's trying to send death a donation./

What is even worst is that it's an imitation within our generation./

Someone implanted enslavement within our blood but we're on a different plantation./

We're attracted to lies or some may call it sugar coated truth./

Make them fat under the guise we keep selling death to our youth./

So I write to empower souls sold for gold. Who are controlled by their fleshly masters and searching for ways to cope. While church is a place of hope, I'm hoping my intercedes is entering seeds ear and they blossom from the words that I wrote

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