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Soul Stealing

I cant sleep
Because my nightmares stole my soul
And my worst dream wont give it back
Hope is a form of greed in which I lack
Guilt a burden that follows
Allowing my tears to be swallowed 

into my pillow
Pain in my orions belt
Allows me to remember each scar I felt
Holding myself
I shiver

Lips quiver

Myself I condone in my quiet home
Sheltering my own feelings
From my own judgement
Letting T inhale the H
so i can C
I'd keep pushin but my brain is on stuck mode
And doesnt want to let go
So the evil I keep replaying
Self motivation I keep slaying
A devils box lay under ground somewhere
Keeping all my self sins hidden,
From the eyes that belive my ties are innocent
I cried myself to twighlight
Just enough to still hear sound but not see light
And nightmares I continue to fight
As my worst dreams try to take over
Creeping from over my shoulder
Like I walk with a bubble thought around my head
Giving away my secrets and sins
Guilt carries forth with lifes perception
I want a mental injection
To numb my thoughts before they are born
Forethought has me scorned
And I quitley weep my sorrow
Taking advantage of the night
So the scilence I can borrow
And when light hits my red eyes
I put on the fake smile
Chin up and shake off the denial
But truth
I am hurting
Like an injured birds wing
I can not take flight because the pain has a hold of me
And Im trying to fight to heal the wounds
But the battle is tiresome in this little room
So my tears I keep in the quiet night
My pain I continue to hide
And I lift my fake smile to the sky and sigh
This is my life

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