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These Hands

A fracture in time
Your mind collapses while your hands react to the crime
But in your defense you had no defense against enemy lines
Just hand to hand combat
No nines
But see now your brain stem cowards in and gets lost in the pain
And when ignorance reigns pours, showers and stains the swollen finger tips of the poor

Truth is we slip...and our hands grip the strip of pavement we fall on to save us all from our own misbehavior
Because these unappeased oppositional thumbs have a hunger for fresh air
But we make them drown in the slums the gutters because that's where our heads at
That's why it took time to take- from impossible to make it possible for me to turn the tides of headless acts
In fact if you wish
With just two hands I can start a fire with a friction of two sticks
Catch some fish
meet and greet the friends that I eat with
Lay some bricks
Live rich in a house with a spouse to sleep with
Inject myself with a creative IV drip of ideas to prove to disbelievers the true potential of our fingers
You see I remember
I remember when I twiddled my thumbs in an attempt to forget
But what I forgot I remembered so now I'm living with regret
Because these memories attach themselves to the phalanges that directed the traffic of my multiple identities
So now my metacarpal bones are invertible connected to my soul
The sole reason why I've lived this long
The very tools with which I wrote this poem
So hopefully this note hits home and makes you realize the reason our hands
were born...

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