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A silhouette,
dancing in my thoughts and flirting with my memory,
pirouettes around my emotions provoking and tempting me with intimacy,
revealing yourself intricately, while my minds trying to make sense of the scenes you’re presenting me,
so seductive yet reluctant to completely give you me,
as I tussle with desire in belief that getting acquainted would dull the fire and preserve thinking sensibly,
surprised by my sensitivity,the curtain calls and I’m intensively paying attention attentively,
you're concerned but quickly learned I find virtue in patience,
worth doing some waiting,
you halt the silent debating then approach me place your body closely then slowly engage in the release of containment,
intentionally proceeding with a cautious cadence,
My hormones are raging but demeanor doesn't offer an invitation,
invoking mesmerizing melodies,
igniting some kind of spark in me,
that has me relinquishing control to least partially,
trying to hold on whole heartedly,
my focus is just to bond with you,
spending hours in your eyes minutes in your mind and seconds in your smile loosing all track of time with you,
no rush,
we got eternity for me to introduce you to a different kind of you,
birthed from my energy moving swimmingly through your molecules,
the feeling is so right I'm watching you glow like the moonlight we play under,
while the sunrise escapes from us, seeming like tonight was made for us,
so emotions continue through comfortable venues,
so lovely and simple, connection is mental,
affection I give you cause its something within you that has something within me wanting to be with you,
curiosity dims,
hearts open,
the stage is set,
now the show can continue.

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