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Sagittarius 'A' (Sestina)

( Sestina: a lyrical fixed form consisting of six 6-line usually unrhymed stanzas in which the end words of the first stanza recur as end words of the following five stanzas in a successively rotating order and as the middle and end words of the three verses of the concluding tercet.)

Hallowed; coming forth from darkness to light
appearing as the event horizon,
you black hole articulate origins.
Transcending the memory of eons
you challenge all to recall their purpose
while remaining tethered to you, the source.

You are Sagittarius “A” the source,
the omnivorous consumer of light.
Residing way beyond the horizon
you provide insights into origins.
Imparting the wisdom of the eons
like foreknowledge, destiny, and purpose

YOU convince all to remain on purpose.
Deferential I bow before the source
acknowledging what is devoid of light
begot the inaugural horizon.
Antecedency phantoms origin
but it’s not the begetter of eons

However derivative of eons
the past is a result of grand purpose.
Singular and principle is the source.
Yes, a natural phenomena, light
does shine and orient the horizon
but again it is not the origin.

Sagittarius “A” the origin
is whence we came forth among the eons.
Clearly elucidating my purpose
I’m compelled to contribute to the source.
Embolden over the passage of light
years, retrograde to the first horizon

I am vim of the event horizon.
No longer to contemplate origins.
Privilege to know the root of eons,
the architects primordial purpose,
I acknowledge and promulgate the source.
Source that’s begotten the heavens first light.

The womb of first light’s event horizon
speaks to origin, the foremost eon,
as does purposing THE BLACK HOLE as source.

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