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Love Lost

I was lonely, I was lost
I knew there was happiness, but at what cost?
I had happiness once
And now it seemed to be lost.

I had given out, I had given up
I really didn't care much if the sun came up
I was sad, I was a mess
Very uncaring, and even more depressed.

I had lost my friends, and it broke my heart
I once thought they had loved me, but they tore my world apart
When I was hurt and needed them most
They deserted me, and my heart was broke.

I turned mean, I turned bad
I had evil thoughts run through my head
I wanted to hurt people, so they could hurt, too
I was losing faith, and blaming God.

In the game of life I felt I was against impossible odds
I felt everyone was against me, sometimes even God
After all, he is God, but when I prayed for happiness
It didn't seem to come.

Just when I was giving up on life
Just when I never pictured happiness in my life
God sent me you and it changed my life
I was now happy again.

You have given me so much, restored my belief in angels
I now realise God was listening when I was praying oh, so hard
for happiness and a life less hard
He sent me you and no longer am I blue, because when I'm with you
All I can see is the sun shining through.

You have accepted me for me, and even love me, too
I could never repay you
What on earth could I possibly do?
So I decided to write this poem for you.

You mean so much to me, my world is now true
I hope I never have to find out if I could make it without you
Thank you so much for everything you do
From loving me, to allowing me to love you..

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